Our Team

Management - The board of directors at Topower Computers Inc. consists of the most qualified professionals in the computer hardware industry. With more than fifteen years of industry experience in the computer field, each individual on our management team has made great contributions in bringing Topower to the top by sharing their expertise in the area of cost reduction, quality control, new product development, technical support, and providing the most advanced and efficient distribution services.

Sales and Marketing - Our team of sales professionals know how to value our customer needs and exceed our customers' expectations with exceptional knowledge of the industry and high energy. Customers know that they will receive the right guidance throughout purchasing process from skilled sales representatives. From the moment of initial contact to the final phase of a purchase, customers will deal with experts who can end their search with products that most suit their needs. Every individual on our sales team believes that it takes more than knowing how to build great rapport to keep a customer.

Technical Support - Topower knows the importance of technical training in a very high tech and advanced industry. Technicians and engineers at various Topower branches pay periodic visits to our Taiwan headquarters so that new ideas and innovations on power supplies and other types of hardware can be exchanged. Also, to ensure that our customers find full satisfaction from Topower for their special product design requirements, our technicians are trained to find just the right solution for their needs.